• Professional cleaning
  • Good oral hygiene and regular removal of plaque and calculus at your dentist's office is the most biologic way to keep a natural and stable environment in your mouth.

  • Non-surgical periodontal treatment
  • If you develop a gingivitis or periodontitis, most cases can be treated with an ultra sonic device using ultra slim tips and a minimal invasive procedure. Nowadays you mostly can avoid surgery due to these modern instruments . This is a great benefit to you, since it is such a painless method, and sometimes even anesthesia is not required.

  • Root coverage
  • Sometimes root surfaces are exposed and may cause sensitivity and/or esthetic discomfort. In a very gentle way, your biologic dentist can fix this problem easily by using the adjacent tissue to carefully cover these surfaces. In some cases a graft has to be taken from the palate in order to cover major recession. Your own tissue allows the best and most predictable regeneration.

  • Dental implantology
  • If a tooth or several teeth are missing, often the best solution is to place an implant. It is the most biologic option for replacing missing teeth, since you can avoid grinding healthy adjacent teeth. Dental implants are made out of titanium, a high-tech material that has been proven to be highly biocompatible. Dental implantology began 40 years ago, and within the last 10 years developed to a secure, predictable, biological and cost effective method to replace missing teeth.
    The only biologic implant is the one-piece implant, since it is a copy of a natural tooth and allows perfect bone and soft tissue integration.
    One piece implants can be inserted in a biologic correct manner, this means minimal invasive in a single stage procedure with perfectly adapted soft tissues. They may be immediately loaded with a customized esthetic provisional. This quick, painless, biologic procedure will allow you to immediately go back to normal life.
    Long time evidence-based research has proven that even in compromised bone areas, this biologic approach is extremely successful, no longer having to use painful grafting procedures.

  • Sinus Lift With Compromised Bone
  • The best example for the advantages of following biologic protocols is the internal sinus lift: In the posterior area of the upper jaw there is often lack of bone due to the sinus. In the past, huge and painful surgery was the standard, with bone grafts taken from the chin or hip, and synthetic non-resorbable bone substitutes were used to augment the bone for a second stage insertion of an implant.
    Nowadays with modern sophisticated biologic techniques, this can be reduced to a one stage minimal invasive painless biologic procedure without grafting.