Preface on biologic dentistry
Many changes in dentistry have occurred during the last 40 years in practice, teaching and research.

The concept of GABD was initiated to provide a realistic starting point to revisit the effectiveness of the therapeutic procedures in dentistry. Using open minds, much of the dogma currently being taught and practiced can be re-evaluated from both the mechanical and biologic aspects.

The concept of Biologic Dentistry has been acknowledged and taught to thousands of colleagues of which many have advanced to study clubs, to further learn Biologic Principles and protocols. A large number practiced these protocols with “hands on” supervision on their own patients.

Study clubs and clinics offer tremendous opportunities to collect prospective and retrospective data from therapeutic procedures. Many clinics have used similar therapeutic protocols in all disciplines of dentistry. The Academy can expand their data base by collaboration with all participating study groups, clinics, and Universities world wide. All data collected within the Academy will be evaluated by the Executive Committee composed of colleagues from Universities, opinion leaders and practitioners. The goal will be to establish minimal invasive guide lines for patient care with a biologic basis versus a synthetic or mechanical basis.

Many of the results and conclusions of “so called scientific” evidence based perspective research designs for specific therapeutic procedures and publications have changed, when retrospective data was collected on the same procedures.

The future of Dentistry rests in satisfied patients. Our patients deserve the most predictable and minimally invasive therapeutic procedures available rather than being used as experimental laboratories for ineffective commercial products.

GABD will engage in both perspective and retrospective research projects. The Academy philosophies are to establish a sound scientific and biological basis for dental therapeutic procedures to ensure patient satisfaction. Patients need dentists and dentists need GABD guidelines to deliver optimum patient care.

The Founders