Study Clubs .
The historical definition of the term “Study Club“ means dentists working on patients under the supervision of a senior mentor on an ongoing basis.

It is an ongoing experience meeting 3 times a year and is not just a continuing education course.

Rather than simply listening to a lecture, sc members practice surgery on patients. It is a time to challenge yourself and enhance your skills.

With the help of the mentor you will improve your ability over the long term.

Also the case presentations and follow-up leads to a higher level in your dental education.

Another benefit is the camaraderie that develops among members. You are not longer „alone“ and you have the opportunity to watch different procedures performed by different individuals and compare your own ability.

All other disciplines of dentistry are of course subject, since you discuss your cases and probably there are several different approaches. This will immeadiately enrich your dental mind.

As time goes on you will notice an improvement on your daily work and a higher grade of satisfaction on what you are doing.

If you join a GABD study club one thing you can take for granted: you will become a more sophisticated and skilled dentist and the degree to which this happens depends on the effort you put into it.

You will develop more passion to your profession.

Join us !